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What is the value of photovoltaic modules after they are abandoned?

Recently, CGNPC issued a bidding for the procurement of photovoltaic modules for Qingtongxia phase I project, announcing that the membrane modules of 1536 sets of supports in Qingtongxia phase I power station will be removed and replaced with 275W crystalline silicon modules.

It is reported that Qingtongxia phase I 10MW photovoltaic project was connected to the grid for power generation on December 27, 2010. Fixed support 6MW single crystal module and 4MW thin film battery module were used in the photovoltaic power station, and 81068 amorphous silicon photovoltaic modules were installed. The scope of supply equipment for this bidding is 4.22mw crystalline silicon solar photovoltaic modules, with a total of 15340 pieces. The power of single module is 275W, and the positive deviation is 0-5w. It has been 9 years since the project was connected to the grid. There is also a problem caused by the purchase of photovoltaic modules. How will the dismantled photovoltaic modules be disposed and utilized?

Component recycling has not attracted widespread attention in China

Due to the decline of power generation efficiency, the design life of early photovoltaic modules is generally set at 25-30 years. After 2020, the waste of photovoltaic modules began to increase significantly. This prediction comes from the renewable energy power generation system research department of Institute of electrical engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, they undertook the sub task of national 863 project "photovoltaic equipment recycling and harmless treatment technology research".

According to 863 research project, the recovery scale of photovoltaic modules will reach 60-70gw by 2034. Due to the fact that there is still some time before the first batch of scrapping wave, China's policies and regulations on photovoltaic module recycling are temporarily blank, and there are not many enterprises participating in photovoltaic module recycling.

European PV module recycling experience is worth learning

Compared with domestic component recycling market, Europe has already begun to "meet" the trend of component scrap. In 2014, the European Union issued a decree, and 27 member states of the European Union will successively implement the "WEEE" Regulations on the recycling of photovoltaic modules.

At present, WEEE (2002 / 96) law has entered the third stage, and the recovery rate of photovoltaic modules reaching the service life will be 85% and the reuse rate will be 80%. All photovoltaic modules in Europe shall be pasted with the "wheeliebin" logo designed by WEEE to show compliance, otherwise they shall not enter the EU market.

In addition, the EU has established a photovoltaic recycling Organization (pvcycle) from green power generation to waste management. It is understood that half of the members of the organization are Chinese enterprises. According to different policies of different countries, pvcycle recycles scrapped components. Members of the organization only need to pay dues and processing fees.

In France, the photovoltaic module recycling plant built by Veolia, pvcycle and the French Renewable Energy Union was put into operation in 2018. Because the silicon crystal module is made of 65-75% glass, 10-15% aluminum frame, 10% plastic and 3-5% silicon material. By using intelligent robot, 95% of its materials can be separated, sorted, processed and recycled.

Pvcycle predicts that by 2035, global PV module recycling will become an industry with a total value of 12 billion US dollars. At that time, recycling PV module business will not only benefit the environment, but also bring another business opportunity for the PV industry.


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